Dr. Scott Franczek, MD

I am an American trained Neurologist and Clinical Research Physician. I have >5 years’ experience in the clinical trial process and have participated in several FDA approved protocols for diseases including Alzheimer’s (6), Recurrent Herpes Simplex Labialis, Infectious Diabetic Foot Ulcers (4), Influenza A Vaccine (2), Immunoassays for HIV (3), Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2, Diabetic Gastroparesis, Iron Deficiency Anemia, Hypercholesterolemia/Cardiovascular Disease (2), Systemic Lupus Erythematous (2), Chronic Idiopathic Constipation, Hypertriglyceridemia, and Epilepsy (8).

As a Certified Principal Investigator, I built effective partnerships with key opinion leaders to improve the integrity of data acquisition and patient management in a wide variety of medical diseases. I am proficient at analyzing/editing scientific writing to avoid ambiguities and detect conceptual errors early in the developmental process. I have diligently reviewed SAEs, SUSARs, and AEs reports in accordance with all applicable authority regulations. I am a strong advocate for the protection of human participants in clinical research and rigorously verify compliance with ICH-GCP, OHRP, and other regulatory guidelines.

Prior to beginning my medical career, my thesis work focused on the genetic analysis and molecular cloning a serine metalloproteinase from S. marcescens with subsequent biochemical characterization and protein analysis. I have teaching experience in Infectious Disease and have published my early work on the virulence factors in nosocomial isolates from Serratia marcescens.

Summary of Credentials

  • MD/PhD
  • 12+ years’ experience in clinical practice of General Neurology
  • 14+ years’ experience as an educator and mentor to all levels of Health Care Professionals
  • 5+ years’ experience in the clinical trial process
  • Executive Medical Director and Associate Medical Director leadership experience
  • Clinical trial experience with the Vagus Nerve Stimulator for Epilepsy
  • Principal/Sub/Co-Investigator of 35 protocols of both Neurology and General Medicine
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Epilepsy and Memory Disorders Clinical Research
  • PhD in Medical Microbiology (bacterial cloning, genetic analysis, and biochemical characterization of a serine tallo-proteinase)
  • Experience as a Pharmaceutical Industry Consultant and Speaker for Alzheimer’s & Anti-Epileptic Drug Therapy.
  • Voluntary Service on the Hospital Committee for Safety & Risk Management